15 Frightfully Fun Halloween Makeup Looks For You

Halloween is on the horizon which means only one thing…It’s that time of year where the neglected blue, green, red, and purple shades from your favourite palettes are due their annual moment in the spotlight. Peek-a-boo! Whether you’re planning weeks ahead or need a last-minute idea, you don't need a fancy costume to slay this year - just a bunch of makeup products that are probably already laying around in your cosmetics bag!


From glitter lids and cat-eye flicks to exposed fangs and green contour, we’ve rounded together TikTok’s most popular Halloween makeup tutorials from MUAs you need to know about. Creep it cool with these 15 frightfully fun tutorials. 


i could use this audio forever 🤡 ⚠️ FLASH WARNING ⚠️##sfxmakeup ##facepaint ##clownmakeup ##acting ##foryou ##fyp ♬ possibly in michigan - shaywee 👹



What do you get when you combine a little face paint, eyeliner, apple red lipstick, and super fluffy lashes? A creepy, cotton candy-coloured clown of course! If you’re prone to nightmares, we highly recommend skipping over this chilling tutorial by @elladoesfx. With points above and below the brows, dramatic lips, and a splodge on the tip of the nose, this tutorial will be sure to scare away your foes. For added drama, amplify this sinister look by frolicking around in a joyful floral puff sleeve dress, like this one.

@demingai IS THIS DAMN TRUE? ✨NEW LOOK NEXT! 😭 #fyp #foryou #zodiacmakeup #zodiacsigns #astrology #skull #skullmakeup #uvmakeup #creativemakeup #SmartfoodClub ♬ tatatarararara - holaa



Looking for something a little bad to the bone? This one is for the HalloQueens who don’t need noBODY. Accentuate your bone structure in a super creative fashion with @demingais drop-dead gorgeous neon skull. If you’re heading anywhere with neon lighting, this look is sure to get heads rolling…we mean turning. Complete the ‘fit with a fun figure-hugging marble jumpsuit like this one here.

@thefauxchanel Reply to @queenofironie #JOKER VS #JokerMakeup 🃏 Are you team Joaquin Phoenix or Jared Leto? #jokerchallenge #halloweenmakeup #crazymakeup #acting ♬ Joker Makeup Challenge - TheFauxChanel



With his chilling clown face and silky-smooth sinister laugh, there is no denying that The Joker has an aptitude for presence. Slip into chic cynism this Halloween with @thefauxchanel’s bold and powerful take on everyone’s favourite villain. Walk the line between scary and sexy by completing this look with a yellow crop top, high-waisted wine-coloured jeggings and slicked-back hair.

@tbagtree Pennywise The Dancing 🤡🎈 #fyp #foryou #pennywise #sfxmakeup #it #halloweenmakeup ♬ original sound - Theresa Spencer



Here is your worst nightmare come true. From his giant cranium to chiselled cheeks, electric eyes, and dental distortions, Pennywise’s demonic and unsettling look is bound to frighten your guests this Halloween. Get convention ready with make-up artist @tbagtree and you’ll float too. To complete this look, we suggest pairing a simple white ruffle blouse with wine faux leather jeans, retaining focus on the makeup. 

@alexabeautyy ¿De que se disfrazaron este año?🎃✨ #makeup #devil #storytime #maquillaje #alexabeautyy ♬ original sound - Alexa Gabriella🧚🏻



Goodbye hot girl summer and hello hot ghoul Halloween. This Halloween, raise a little hell with this bad and boo-jee devil look by @alexabeautyy. When you’re the devil, everything about your attire is fire. Complete this look by slipping into this sexy red dress and we’ll have you dancing with the devil all night long.

@valeriya.eros Reply to @lilliewolf70 you asked for one venom but we gave you two 😄 #venom #makeup #mua #vlog #fyp #foryou @anastasiavns1206 ♬ original sound - Valeriya Eros



With the recent release of Venom, it’s no surprise that searches around the deadly character are at an all-time high. Take creepy-crawly to the next level with this ghoulish and ghastly look. Makeup artist @jvaleriya.eros has all the inspiration you need. We suggest keeping this outfit simple and opting for a black skin-tight jumpsuit. Not only will this draw attention to your terrifying make-up, it will contour your curves ready for that perfect Insta shot.

@alexabeautyy I’m Chucky❤️🔪 // ib @jordynsheamua 💖 #halloween #makeup #maquillaje #aghalloween #alexabeautyy #chucky ♬ Chaji Play - Double 林家磑 LinJiawèi



Everyone’s favourite, witty serial killing doll has been around for decades and with a Child’s Play TV series in the making, he’s bound to be around for more to come! Step out of Barbie’s dreamhouse and into a nightmare dollhouse with @alexabeautyy's creepy Chucky guide. The fun doesn’t end there! Play dress up in a distressed denim dungarees and orange slinky bandeau crop top. Now all you need to complete this look is a few memorable one-liners and you’re good to play!  

@ahoymydarling ⚠️FAKE GORE⚠️ #zombie #makeup Thank you @moonxwhisper ♬ original sound - BENZ



With the soaring number of zombie chicks and zomedies available on Netflix, of corpse we’ve all wondered from time to time if we would survive a zombie apocalypse. Well, this is your chance to find out! @ahoymydarling has everything you need to add another iconic look to your O’Ween repertoire – the morgue, the merrier! The best part about this look is its highly customisable nature, as you can essentially take absolutely any character and creep it up with these zombie features. If you’ve got it, haunt it! 


Disney Series pt 1: Cruella De Vil ##101dalmatians ##cruella ##cruelladevil ##makeup ##cruellamakeup ##cruelladevilmakeup ##ChipsGotTalent ##fyp ##disney♬ original sound - Big Fat Jenna



Get ready for an en vogue moment with @glosstina’s stylish Cruella look. With a super successful origin movie hitting the screens this earlier year, we have a strong furrrr-ling that this impossibly chic fur-loving supervillain is going to be the Queen of O'Ween 2021. To complete the iconic ensemble, pair a white and black polka dot jumpsuit with a black faux fur coat and red satin gloves. And don’t forget to pack your lipstick, a bold blood-red lip is central to Cruella’s signature look!

@elladoesfx THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 700K 🥺❤️ Here’s another lil Scar tutorial 🦁👑 #sfxmakeup #makeuptutorial #cosplay #disney #scar #acting #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound - ✨ Anna ✨

#10 SCAR


The Lion King has returned to Broadway amid the pandemic and even 24 years on, continues to be a roaring success. This Halloween, capture Scar in all his devilish brilliance by recreating this masterpiece by @elladoesfx. Channel Scar’s sass by unleashing your inner feline and strutting the catwalk in a brown and black two-piece leather set. Now all you need to finalise this look is a long, luxurious, sassy mane and a touch of this maniacal monarch’s trademark sarcasm. Long live the king!

@makeup.lois Scorpio’s do you agree? #zodiacmakeup #scorpio #witchmakeup ♬ Oxytocin - Billie Eilish



When it comes to cult-classic Halloween outfits, the traditional witch costume is a time-honoured piece. Even more so today, with the aesthetics of witchcraft including candles, crystals, and ‘manifesting’, appealing to young people on social media platforms. #Witchtok alone has over 18 billion views on TikTok! So, what are you waiting for? Get your resting witch face on with @makeup.lois’s timeless spellbinding tutorial. Pull the look together with a few wardrobe staples and a couple of witchensials (we’re thinking a hat, broom and maybe a cat). Check out our electric violet satin dress and black floral tie dress for inspiration.


@elladoesfx I did what I had to 🤷🏼‍♀️ ib: @lolalourdess ⚠️ FLASH + FAKE BLOOD ⚠️ #pov #makeup #acting #vampire #fyp ♬ original sound - Tik Toker



Left your outfit until the last minute? Suck it up, there’s twilight at the end of the tunnel! For an extra dose of drama, vamp up your look this Hallows Eve with @elladoesfx’s fang-tastic vampire tutorial. Whether it was Buffy, Twilight or The Vampire Diaries that made you believe in love at first bite, these lustful creatures have long been a Halloween cult-classic costume choice, and we are totally fang-girling over this necks level look! All you need is a sleek black lace high neck dress, smoky cat eye, bold black lip and of corpse, a pair of fangs. For a look that transcends from sexy to scary, try upgrading the look with a splash of fake blood.

@jahdeborg Tutorial Múmia Egípcia pt.2 🦂 Já usaram essa técnica do papel 🧻? #mummymakeup #makeup #maquiagem ♬ Dark Horse - Katy Perry


Love history and badass queens? Then channel your inner Cleopatra and check out @jahdeborg’s unravelling look. This makeup tutorial combines two essential elements of Ancient Egypt – mummies and rulers. Apply vibrant blue and gold eye makeup to one side of the face and bloody bandages to the other for a look that walks the line between sexy and scary. Keep your costume under wraps with this beige cut out halterneck bodycon dress and be sure to style with gold jewellery for an extra dose of glam.  

@madsconcealer elsa as a villain❄️❄️ #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #OpenForDelivery #keepingbusy #lifeathomequiz #progamer #petlife #disney #makeup #elsa ♬ original sound - madison🩸

#14 ELSA


Do you wanna build a snowman? It doesn’t have to be a snowman….it can just be @madconcealer’s boo-tiful Elsa look. This Halloween, just Let It Go and channel your inner Disney Princess for an easy yet stylish look that is bound to score you in any young neighbours or relatives’ good books. We’re not quite sure this is quite what Elsa meant when she sang “conceal don’t feel” but it works! Complete the look with a blue thigh-split dress and a fishtail plait that loosely cascades down the shoulder.


@hollymurraymakeup This audio 😱❤️ Annabelle makeup! #fypシ #annabelle #foryou #tiktoktraditions ♬ possibly in michigan - shaywee 👹



Revisit the past this Halloween by bringing the real-life haunted Annabelle doll to life. For a fright night classic, follow talented @hollymurraymakeup’s step-by-step guide on achieving Annabelle’s signature ultra-emphasised doll eyes and pigtails. Think creepy but make it fashion with our white ruffle swing dress, white knee-high socks, Mary James and a generous splash of fake blood.

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15 Frightfully Fun Halloween Makeup Looks For You

15 Frightfully Fun Hallowee...