Celeb bae styles

Street style

The past few weeks, winter has taken hold and celebrities across the globe have embraced it whole-heartedly. Oversized, comfortable coats and chunky knits have come out in force, with the likes of faux fur and denim spotted on the street. Winter boots have also had their annual outing.

AW17 was home to strong looks; Bella Hadid, in particular, got winter fashion spot on with a decorated oversized coat and patent boots.

Earlier in the year, Holly Willoughby stole the show with her increasing popular Instagram posts, showing off her effortless style. Her summer wardrobe was the envy of everyone, as she paired flowing dresses in eye-catching colours with a mix of black and nude heels.

Red carpet style

2017 was also home to many red carpet events that showcased celebrity fashion even more. With celebrities from all industries showing off their carefully put-together looks, red carpet events like the Grammys, the Oscars and even the Met Gala all offer the chance for celebs to let their personality and creativity shine through. Many fashion trends and inspiration for future clothing has come from some of the dresses and other ensembles worn by celebs at such events.

This year’s Grammy Awards was home to metallics and bold colours. Solange Knowles appeared in a gold Gucci dress, paving the way for bold use of metallic and statement sleeves.

The Oscars saw flowing, floor length dresses that provided an impressive silhouette; stars like Viola Davis and Kirsten Dunst opted for fuller skirts that set the precedent for evening wear. Shades that matched the red carpet as well as crisp white, classy champagne and black all made prominent appearances.

Ruth Negga stole the show in a custom Valentino red gown, even accessorising it with a subtle crown and ruby earrings to really bring the look together. If you remember, red became the shade of the season for AW17.

Looking back on the year in fashion, you can see for yourself how celeb style inspires the season’s trends and even vice versa. With 2018 only around the corner, we can’t wait to see what the next few seasons bring to the fashion industry and its designs.

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